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Boat Rentals
Winter Storage

It's time to think about reserving space for winter storage, and the service which your boat requires to be protected through the Canadian winter months.  Please call us for rates.

Small Boats (under 20')
   Rates available late summer.

Large Boats (over 20')
   Rates available late summer.

We have a very large, locked building for safe, inside storage.  This prime inside storage is on a "first come" basis, but we also have a large number of "under cover" spaces in our locked compound.  Our rates are competitive with all those in the area.

Four types of storage:

  1. Indoor,Heated Storage
  2. Indoor Storage
  3. Covered Storage in locked compound
  4. Shrinkwrap in locked compound

Dave, our forklift operator, is a master at putting your boat to bed safely.  Also, we clean the waterline for you in the Fall and give the boat a dusting off in Spring as part of our service.  Let us show you what a great job we can do for you this year.

Summer Storage

Launch in our ramp without our assistance is $15 in and $15 out, and you can leave your vehicle and trailer parked in our back for free (as this service is free, we do not accept responsibility for loss or theft.)  Our back compound is locked at night.

If you wish to leave your vehicle/trailer/boat  in our locked compound for two days the cost would be $25.00 plus ramp fees. The cost for 7 days would be 55.00 plus ramp fees. Longer stays would be estimated at special prices

We offer summer storage for boats & a dry dockage valle service. Prices are determined per boat.

Fully monitored security provided by:

Northern Lights Security    1-800-264-4104


Summer Dockage

We offer both dry & wet slips for the season with or without hydro. Please email or telephone for rates.